Monday, 6 December 2010

Because I got high

Across modern society everyone seems to want to get high. Now I am not just talking about people into drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Everyone is searching for that really big high. There are a great deal of people that would jump up at this point and say,

'Damn right Mark, we at the Housewives Against Teenage Marijuana completely agree with you. We need to stop these kids out there getting high.'

I think that this kind of response comes from someone who is really, really high!. These individuals sitting around having cups of tea and biscuits complaining to each other, are all the time getting more and more high. They all feed off of each other and reinforce their own highs.

Some people will tell you that moderation is the key in your drug taking you just have to get little bursts of high of different things, don't max out on one particular drug, then you will always be happy (Consumer society). Some people are so convinced of the merits of their particular drug of choice that they will tell you that their high is the best high ever. Gym freaks and fitness moguls will tell you that you can get healthy and really, really high.

Others come forward whispering secrets, saying put in some work now and then you can get so high that it lasts forever! That this particular high is the only high, the one true high! (Organised religion anyone). Life is a really sad party where everyone is rushing around pitching their particular drug of choice. People everywhere are getting high, getting hooked, crashing, coming down or frantically searching for the next high.

Now every so often in this big party some people who are rushing around chasing some new faddy high will notice someone chilling out on a sofa. There are these rare guys over in the corner of the room smiling and chatting to everyone, but they are not getting high. Some people gather round and say,

'Hey you should try this or this?'

He just shrugs and says,

'No thanks I'm cool.'.

Now most people don't believe him and simply say,

'He must be taking something, it cant be that he is just happy, that's not how the party works.'

But some others see the difference, they feel the difference by just being around this happy guy. All of a sudden they don't seem to need to get high any more, because the party isn't something to escape from. In a little while they can have a real conversation, not just running around getting high or engaging in all the endless negotiation to get new drugs. The first thing they say when they shake hands with the quiet guy in the corner is,

'Its O.K., its all O.K. isn't it!' and he smiles and nods back,

'It really is, it really is.'.

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