Friday, 29 October 2010

Introduction to Greenview

The aim of writing this blog is to clarify some of my political, social, economic, scientific and philosophical views in my own mind and to invite criticism, curiosity and development through interaction with others.

In order to understand what I have to say I think it would be best to introduce the main areas that I see my ideas springing from. There are essentially two sides to my thoughts about reality (and non reality...), the empirical scientist armed with reason and logic and the eastern mystic wielding beard stroking and humour.

While I was originally Christian (well not really originally...we don’t start life with very many pre set ideas about anything). I gave that up in school when I was presented with two separate phenomena a) a scientific understanding of the creation of the world and the evolution of life b) religions and philosophies that had completely different ways of thinking and value sets to which I had been previously exposed.

For a long time these two parts of my life were somewhat mutually exclusive. I could put on my science hat when I needed to solve integral equations and put on my philosophy hat when off to tai chi class. It is only recently that I have begun to see not only profound similarities in modern science and some eastern mysticism but also had the internal courage and conviction to attempt to work through some of the differences.

Even so, you will no doubt still be able to spot the manifestations of my binary brain (partly on purpose!). Some posts will have a more zen like flavour and others will be hard sums (I initially promise no equations...we shall see how this holds up!).

I really would enjoy plenty of comment and discussion. Please feel free to post up links to relevant reading and materials, but try to keep all discussions related to the topic of interest.

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